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Sábado, 26 Diciembre 2015 10:58 CET

Is it possible to add a button to an article that I've already created, that will take my customer from that page directly to the the payment for a specific product? I prefer creating my own pages for each of my products, rather than having my customers scroll through your pre-made store simply for my own personalization.

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Sábado, 26 Diciembre 2015 18:57 CET
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Our extension is only a payment plug-in that connects VirtueMart with the virtual POS of CECA. The store management is made by VirtueMart, therefore for question related to it you can ask on their forum.

Anyway, I think isn't possible to do what you want in an easy manner. Maybe do you need another tool like RSForm! Pro or, if the only concern is the design, customize the VirtueMart template.

Best regards.
José A. Cidre Bardelás
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